About Me

Hey, it’s me Austin. My favorite winter sport is skiing. I started with winter sports back in 2018. My mom and dad paid for private 1:1 with a personal snowboard instructor for my first snowboarding lesson. I didn’t enjoy it as much, because I was tired of falling. When I switched over to ski. Before you knew it, I was flying down the hills of Afton Apls. This season will be my second. Skiing has been fun but now I think I am ready to snowboard like my parents. So this winter, I am learning how to snowboard. I believes anyone can learn these sports, wants to support and encourage you.

Did you know that the best way to see how your progressing is through video. My mom started recording me on my own YouTube Channel (see below for my link). Come watch my videos of how I’ve progress in snowboarding. Smash the “subscribe” button to follow me for more videos!

Please follow me and comment questions. I will share my tips and tricks as I learn them.

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